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Looking for translation services in Seattle? OnTheDotTranslations have been at the forefront of all forms of translation services across the region, providing customers with precise results and high satisfaction. 

Regardless of industry, company size or personal needs, OnTheDotTranslations goes the extra mile to provide the best results. Known for not just our precision, but quick turnaround and involvement with translation projects, we always get the job done to the highest standards achievable. Our experience over the years has opened doorways for a strong understanding of a multitude of services, industries, and specialties, ensuring excellence.

A large variety of languages and services are available so that your translation needs are always covered. 

We offer a wide range of translation services in Seattle:

Be it a quick translation of a birth certificate, aid in localizing software or the fine art of legal translation, we will serve your needs. Regardless of who you are, we will treat you the same and provide the same, excellent service we provide all our clients. Translating is a passion at OnTheDotTranslations and we are equipped to handle even the most complicated translations. Are you struggling to find a reputable translation service in Seattle? Then why not contact us today so we can do our best to assist you. 

We are much more than just a Seattle translation agency!

Document and business translation specialists in Seattle

Looking at a piece of paper or a contract and not understanding any of the words can be a confusing experience. Even with a small dose of experience with the language, it's always daunting checking for errors or getting a grasp of intricacies within it. Attempting to translate anything yourself can just lead to more errors down the line, which is why you need a professional translation company such as us.

Those who work within Seattle, amongst its large scale businesses will be happy to know that we can cater to many different industries. With biotechnology and automotive technology being prevalent across Seattle, it can be difficult finding a translation firm that can also understand the technical specifics as well as the language. OnTheDotTranslations prides itself on employing many scientifically trained translators, ensuring that the meaning remains consistent during the process. The same can be said for our legal translators, who are familiar with legalese as well as a multitude of spoken languages. 

Seattle is widely known for its labor-intensive industries, such as manufacturing and logging. Honest jobs that bring in hard-working individuals from abroad, not just the USA. Immigrating workers have the added task of ensuring that their personal documents can be effectively translated for use in America. All your contracts, documents and certificates can easily be translated for us, significantly reducing the stress involved with working overseas. For those who already speak English to some degree, make sure to contact us for proofreading services to ensure that your resumes and letters make complete sense. 

Here is just a small sample of what we offer in Seattle:

  • Court document translation
    Analysis and road mapping
  • Certificate translation
    Localization assessment
  • Patent translation
    Terminology glossary and style guide creation
  • Software localization
    Quality Assurance
  • Marketing localization
    The translation to target language
  • Through proofreading service
    User Interface Editing
  • Transcreation
    Media Localization
  • Technical translation
    Project Delivery

Who do we work with?

Finding the right Seattle translation service is difficult, finding someone who can deal with the task but also deal with your needs. Every translation job is different and OnTheDotTranslations will always work to the customer’s unique specifications, inserting care and a delicate touch. If you’re looking for a certified translation service in Seattle, then make sure to contact us today for information, advice, and quotes. 

Some of the most popular languages we translate to:

  • ​English
  • ​German
  • ​​Italian
  • Spanish
  • ​Arabic
  • ​Haitian Creole
  • ​Navajo
  • ​Portuguese
  • ​Russian
  • ​Chinese (Cantonese)
  • ​Chinese (Mandarin)
  • ​Filipino (Tagalog)
  • ​Indonesian
  • ​Japanese
  • ​Korean
  • ​Malay
  • ​Vietnamese
  • ​Turkish
  • ​Yiddish
  • ​Romanian
  • ​Hungarian
  • ​Polish
  • ​Hebrew
  • Greek

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated, certified translators

On The Dot Translations employs certified translators based on their expertise and experience through a rigorous process that result in selection of the best in the industry.

Our team is highly dedicated and every translator has field experience in the relevant areas they are tasked with. We make sure that we match our personnel to their best suited translation sectors where their ability can be put to greater use.

Quality assurance

Quality is our core value and constitutes our biggest strength.

Our modes of operation and translation workflows are all specially tailored to ensure unparalleled quality in all projects that we undertake.

With an expert and experienced team at our disposal, you can be guaranteed of top quality translations result.

Cost and time effectiveness

Our translation company is able to offer lower rates than the competition for superior quality work. This is possible due to our focus on the latest translation technology and available tools.

We are also extremely time-conscious and can complete your projects within the stipulated time frames in order to ensure fast turnaround times.

Worldwide translation company in Seattle, WA

Seattle is home to innovation and big business, with the likes of Starbucks and Amazon hailing from the city. This innovation has remained and continues on in firms of all industries; automotive, transport, manufacturing and logging. We serve across all of these industries, aiding in the constant innovation efforts through our translation services. 


The Emerald City is a shining example of an American city, complete with a multitude of things to see, do and eat. It’s a city with significant cultural impact, from its music to the businesses it has produced. The likes of the Seattle Space Needle and the Smith Tower offer some of the best beauty spots across the city, with the likes of the Henry and Frye Art Galleries serving up a slice of culture. Sports are also a big draw in Seattle, with the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders playing home to some of the best sports teams in the country, bringing in fans from over the world. 

Amongst the metropolis of Seattle hides a ton of green space and woodland areas which allows those in the area to enjoy the great outdoors. Activities such as hiking, canoeing, seeing the vistas or just going whale watching. There are many who flock from across the USA just to see its wonder and its no surprise with how much Seattle has to offer.

Industry in Seattle

Aeronautical and transport engineering

With Boeing being fixed into Seattle, many aeronautical firms have followed suit, with the production of materials being a key industry in Seattle. This also goes for transport manufacture, producing and exporting goods. These firms are not just important for Seattle, but for the entire country and as such innovation is prevalent within the industry here. To ensure this, Seattle has become home to foreign engineers providing their expertise and industry experience. These workers may find trouble due to the language barrier, especially when translating specialist knowledge. With important documents or reports, it may be best to hire a proofreader to peruse the information, recommending important changes and correcting any errors. Similarly, these documents may require a translator with expert knowledge in engineering to ensure that the context remains true during the translation process. There are few certified translation services in Seattle that can ensure that these translations are performed correctly - OnTheDotTranslations being one of the best. 

Certified translation Services in Seattle

Food processing

Food processing and manufacturing is a mainstay in the Seattle area, with various factories producing and exporting goods across the country and the world. Even large fast food and coffee chains utilize the city’s manufacturing industry for their goods, with the likes of Starbucks distributing its coffee and other goods from the city. With exporting goods, language comes into play, as not all countries will understand English specifications, such as measurements. OnTheDotTranslations offers the necessary translation services in Seattle to ensure that these aspects of translation are performed correctly and can be used abroad. Additionally, check out our localization services, in which we can provide transcreation services that ensure that your product is marketed and understood correctly in foreign markets. 

Corporate business

Seattle is no stranger to the corporate world and so many businesses utilize the city for their headquarter locations. Firms such as Amazon, Starbucks, Boeing, and Microsoft all show their looming presence within Seattle and employ tens of thousands of employees each. These firms trade across the globe, have international finance accounts and also require a great deal of legal aid. With foreign exploits, it is imperative to find the right Seattle translation agency to handle the nitty-gritty of translation and have expert precision in legal understanding. Contact us today if you need assistance with this and we will guide you through the process.

The languages of Seattle

Seattle is home to a variety of immigrants and those speaking languages other than English. Spanish is, as in most of America, the most commonly spoken second language other to English. Chinese dialects are a common sound in Seattle, with a large Chinese community across the city and centering around specific neighborhoods and areas. Vietnamese, Russian, Korean and Japanese are also spoken somewhat in Seattle, amongst other languages. 

Evidently, there is much need for translation services in Seattle, some of which may aid in your day to day life or business operations. The first step is contacting OnTheDotTranslations and letting one of our expert translators guide you through the process - don’t delay, contact us today. 

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The terminology used in the translation industry can be a source of confusion for many people. Many terms are often wrongly used interchangeably. Localization and translation are two of such terms.

Localization refers to the process of taking a product or service and making it culturally and linguistically appropriate to the target locale (language, region or country) where it will be marketed. As such, localization is a much deeper process of which translation is part of. The process usually involves target graphics, content modification to the target market, local requirement conversions, local format conversion and adherence to local laws and regulations.

This makes it a time consuming and complex process that is best handled by professionals at On the Dot Translations. To tackle localizations projects we have invested in certain aspects including expert translators, localization experts, project managers and software developers. Our localization service process involves:

Initial proofreading and correction