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Expert Telecommunication Translation Services

Often times, companies that have taken their businesses across borders need technical translation services. These services help them translate different types of documents ranging from life science documents, legal documents, and technical documents.  All these translations are best left for experts as any slight error can lead to loss of business, lives or cause unintended injuries

Poor translation of technical documents can lead to damaged equipment, system failure, injuries, or completely destroy your brand image. They require highly professional linguists with experience in the specific field to translate them with utmost precision and accuracy. This means that a good technical translator must not only possess high linguistic expertise, but also a good understanding of the subject area and terminologies.

Our company, On the Dot Translations, has been translating technical documents for many years, thanks to our highly dedicated and professional translators. We ensure that your document is translated as precisely and accurately as possible according to your needs. The following are some of the technical translation services we offer. Also check out technical manual translation service too!

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The engineering sector is a highly technical sector that requires the highest levels of precision and accuracy. If your engineering company is looking to take its business across borders, then your engineering documents including user manuals have to be technically precise and of the best quality possible. ​It’s only by doing this that you will be able to build an international client base, stabilize, and diversify your business.

On The Top Translations have professional linguists who are trained in the engineering field to ensure that your engineering documents are translated as accurately as possible. In fact, the success of your international business depends on how your end consumers understand your product’s use, precautions, and implications. So, you need highly professional translators who have studied engineering or worked as engineers at some point in their life – and you can only get them at On The Top Translations. 

technical drawings

On The Top Translations translate every engineering document including technical drawings, bills of materials (BOM), CAD drawings, schematics, and DWG format files. We specialize in various engineering fields such as civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical and electronics, and hydro engineering.

Automotive and Transportation

Automotive and transportation is another area of our expertise. A lot of automotive companies are building their brand and strengthening their financial base by expanding their businesses into new markets. So they constantly look for translation services to help them put their innovation into a language their target audience can understand. These translations need to be accurate, relevant, and clear to ensure a cohesive product; this is exactly what On The Dot Translations provides.

The same case applies to the transportation industry. Travelers, especially those traveling by airplanes encounter a lot of frustrations, language barrier being one of them. Our company is determined to help you provide your customers with resources in their native language. 

We work with transportation companies, in-airport businesses, and airports to ensure that signage and other materials are correctly translated. Whether you need a translated audio recording or passenger documents, you can trust our service to translate them into the highest quality.


Telecommunication industry has soared over the last few decades and many telecommunication companies are taking their businesses to global market. This business is all about communication and you have to make sure that your content or message is accurately translated otherwise it can mean losing your customers.

On the Dot Translations has a vast experience in translating a wide range of telecommunication materials. We translate everything from marketing copies to phone manuals to technical bulletin translations. This is done by our expert linguists and translators who have undergone rigorous training in the field to provide you with quality and accurate work.

telecommunications antenna

We have worked with world’s largest brands to translate various materials such as CAD or CAM files translations, marketing brochures, corporate websites, CD-ROMs, online content, white papers and publications and many more. Just put your trust in us and we shall guarantee you quality service.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics is a fast-growing sector with new devices such as mobile phones, MP3 devices and digital cameras being manufactured and sold in many parts of the globe. Actually, it’s a booming business but with a lot of challenges. One major challenge is competition because new electronics are being made, updated, and used globally. When your release your electronic product to the market, its success will absolutely depend on its localization. Localization of the software, websites, and user manuals into different languages can reduce the costs and expand your business globally.

On The Dot Translations can help you with that. With our high professional linguists, we can translate your consumer electronics materials and software into dozens of languages that can be understood by your target end users. Contact us today to get a free quote or for more information.

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Assembly Instructions and Operations Manuals

On The Dot Translations also specializes in translating operations manuals and assembly instructions for companies that manufacture industrial products. Every product that you sell or manufacture and requires assembly need to be accompanied by clear, accurate instructions. Consequently, any product that requires operation by the end user also has to be accompanied by precise and accurate instructions for use.

On The Dot Translations understands how sensitive these manuals and instructions are and we ensure that they are translated as accurately and precisely as possible. We also understand a misuse of some products can lead to injuries or even death, so we have skilled technical translations who will translate all technical and non-technical terms into a localized language. With us, you can rest assured the end users will not have difficulties assembling or using the product.

assembly line

Technology and IT

IT or Information technology is a highly specialized field of engineering which uses computer software, hardware, and telecommunication to manage and control information. To perform their job efficiently and effectively, IT personnel need a wide range of information from training materials support information to internet content. If your company deals with computer systems and software intended for IT personal use, On The Dot Translations can help you translate all that into dozens of languages that every your target user will understand. 

You don’t have to have market limitations when we can help you take your company to the next level. Even if you have large volumes of IT support materials or training manuals, don’t hesitate to call us today to get professional help. 

circuit board for technology and IT

On The Dot Translations is made up of a dedicated team that can translate all technical materials into dozens of languages spoken across the globe. We care about you and that’s why we will take time to understand your project and have it translated by our highly specialized staff.

The telecommunications industry is in a constant state of flux.