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Accurate and truthful communication in healthcare has the potential to save the lives of many people who need vital information translated. The Healthcare Translation Services industry continues to thrive because it deals with matters to do with life and death. Professional translators usually have a good command of healthcare information in different languages, which makes the industry vital in the modern-day world. Healthcare translators are the third eye to several medical professionals in the country, as they breakdown medical documents, patient information, and a wide range of prescriptions.

Overview of the Healthcare Translation Industry

In the current digital age, the healthcare translation industry has continued to absorb pressure from major stakeholders to offer interpretation and translation services that are cost-effective to all patients. Since most medical information are expressed in English, one of the most affected individuals are the Limited English proficiency (LEP) patients because English is not their native language. The major catalysts to such developments are the updated regulations in healthcare institutions and insurance firms, including medical tests, surgical procedures, reports, medical devices, articles in medical journals and many other related patient-facing materials.

Our services help medical professionals and healthcare providers in various institutions and organizations to update and convey important information about their health in an understandable language. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) broadly acknowledges that patients having access to accurate details about healthcare services can receive higher quality treatment that would prevent life threatening consequences. 

The United States Census Bureau show that approximately 50 million people who are above five years of age do not speak English as their mother tongue. Therefore, translation firms has played a major role in the translation of healthcare information to provide accurate details in numerous languages.

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Importance of the Right Translations in Healthcare

When it comes to monitoring the health of patients, one of the most important factor to consider is to ensure they have full access to the required medical information for quick recovery. Most patient deaths in the world today occur due to miscalculated diagnosis and misinterpreted prescriptions that usually lead to preventable patient deaths. Therefore, translators in the healthcare field provide their services not only to healthcare institutions, but also to pharmacies, insurance firms. These institutions must strive to offer all relevant information for various people in their native language, especially those with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).

Our Services in Healthcare

Translation Services in healthcare or medical field require highly conversant individuals because it calls for extreme accuracy to accomplish desired outcomes. Therefore, if you are looking forward to find a translator for your medical documents, you should consider hiring a translation company with proven experience in medical field. Our services include:

  • Healthcare Translation – This refers to translating various medical records and healthcare forms to clarify the details expressed in a foreign language. Generally, this involves giving linguistically diverse patients critical health information as well as detailed instructions on the correct ways to use various medical devices in a language they can comprehend.
  • On-site Translation – On-site translation demands a medical appointment between the interpreters and the individuals. It remains the most effective method of interpretation in the healthcare industry because it arrange for a face-to-face conversation. The physical presence of a skilled onsite translator allows individuals not only to hear first-hand information, but also encourages positive communication.
  • Over-the-phone Interpretation – This is a remote translation method suitable for people living far away from specializedl translators. Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) allows individuals to reach out to highly skilled interpreters located at a call center through the phone. As such, it becomes easier for several callers to reach qualified healthcare interpreters within the shortest time possible and in over 100 languages.
  • Multilingual Typesetting – Multilingual typesetting involves the input of language experts, including linguists, technology specialists, and graphic artists who cooperatively ensure different languages are translated with their distinctive typesetting requirements. For example, the linguists would expand or contract Arabic texts to ensure they fit the graphic space.

On The Dot Translations

On The Dot Translations is one of the top-quality companies that provide people with excellent medical translation services in the United States. Located New York, the translation company not only interprets medical documents, but also other related specialist material generally absent in the public domain. We provide timely and accurate translation services, including clinical studies, patient information, technical manuals, etc.

If you need specialized industry professionals, On The Dot Translations is the perfect option because they cover for medical professionals, health maintenance organizations, hospitals, and government organizations. The company has a proven record of accomplishment when it comes to making contents in this field accessible to all interested people in multiple languages. Furthermore, even in the highly regulated healthcare industry, it ensures that all your medical records remain private and confidential, while delivering trustworthy results to all customers.

About Our Translators

Our team of experienced medical translators have the necessary skills and proficiency in analyzing medical documents in different languages. The translators work around the clock to ensure that they deliver accurate information in healthcare terms for all medical materials in multiple languages. You should consider hiring professionals at On The Dot Translations due to their accuracy and efficiency. The company works with many languages from America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Why Choose Us

In the modern-day world, everyone is hyper-connected because of the rapid exchange of information between different media and in a mixture of languages. We strive to be the leading company with the perfect linguists for such tasks since it goes an extra mile to find the right dialect. Choosing this company to interpret your healthcare information means choosing quality translations irrespective of the type of documents. The team of professional translators have aces to the right tools to provide translation solutions with the intention of delivering accurate and consistent results.

Apart from delivering high quality translations for all customers, you will also remain pleased with our excellent services because our selection of each linguist in the company reflects a specific subject matter. We ensure that team of skilled translators are fully certified to help you communicate with all customers and patients in the right context by eliminating language barriers.

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