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The terms “Translation” and “Localization” are often used interchangeably. However, these are two entirely different things. While translation is an important component of the other, localization is a much more deep, complex process.

Translation refers to the simple translation of written content into another language, so that it’s readable and understandable in context. While this is often enough for basic intelligibility, it does not take the cultural preferences, needs, and desires of your targeted audience into account.

Localization, on the other hand, is much more in-depth, complex, and time-consuming. When a website or a piece of software is localized, the software or website itself is modified – not just with translations, but with other changes, such as:

● Graphics targeted to specific markets

● Content that’s modified to suite the tastes/habits of a target market

● Adaptive design/layouts that present translated text properly

● Conversion to local requirements (currencies, units of measurement, etc.)

● Proper local formats for dates, addresses, phone numbers

● Adherence to local governmental laws, regulations, and guidelines

localization for multiple etnicities

Localization is much more time-consuming and in-depth than translation and requires an expert knowledge of your targeted culture, language, and the software that’s being modified. That’s why it’s so critical to choose the right company that is experienced, knowledgeable, and employs a wide variety of native localization specialists.

So if you’re localizing an application, a piece of software, or a website, you need to partner with the right company. You need to choose On the Dot Translations.

Professional Translators, Expert Specialists
To successfully localize your product, website, or software, you need much more than a team of translators. You need a team of translators, project managers, and other specialists/software developers. While translation is usually performed after the completion of a document or product, this area often requires a specialised team to work simultaneously alongside the software or website that’s being developed.

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Our Services:

  • Expert translators – Our translators are certified experts in their native languages and go through a comprehensive vetting process before we begin partnering with them. This ensures reliable translation quality and utmost attention to detail.
    Using information about your product and its intended audience, our experts will create custom-tailored translations for every step of the entire process.
  • Project managers – Our team of project managers provide a clear point-of-contact for your team, streamlining communication between teams, and ensuring that expected guidelines are adhered to, our project managers ensure that your project is running smoothly.
  • Localization experts – With the expertise of our specialists, we can quickly modify aspects of your software or website to conform to the expectations of your target market. From time/date changes to restyling scripts and graphics, adapting your user interface to include special characters, and testing the specialized software, we can do it all!

  • Software developers – If desired, we can contract with software developers who can quickly implement the changes recommended by our localization experts and expert translators. This aids in a faster project turnaround and can help projects progress more smoothly.
    With our team you’ll have access to all of the tools you need to quickly adapt your software program or website to a brand-new audience! Contact us to learn more about our rates or learn more about our process below!

Comprehensive, In-Depth Localization Process

During the whole process we leave absolutely no stone unturned. We deliver perfection guaranteed. Take a look at our unique approach to localization now!

1. Analysis and roadmapping

2. Localization assessment

3. Creation of terminology glossary and style guide

4. Translation to the target language(s)

5. User Interface Adaptation/Editing

6. Media Localization

7. Quality Assurance

8. Project Delivery

process cycle

We approach each and every order with this level of care, attention, and dedication. So if you’re looking for a partner, look no further than On the Dot Translations!

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