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Quality translations are a key to your success in foreign commerce.

No matter the type of documents, you can always trust On The Dot Translations.

We provide translation and localization solutions to global brands in order to help them achieve their individual business goals.

We provide language services expertise with the right talent, tools, and processes that consistently deliver results.

If you are looking for language solutions that save time and money while preserving the highest quality, you’ll absolutely be satisfied with our services.

The more you translate, the more you save!

We utilize leading computer-aided translation tools (CAT) to facilitate reuse of previously translated content stored in translation memory (TM).

Translation memories help client’s cut costs and delivery lead times while improving translation consistency, and the benefits in these areas grow over time as assets grow.

Our automation solutions and enabling technologies are cornerstones to delivering efficient and effective language services. We provide thought leadership and help the industry define best practices for translation automation and natural language processing. As industry experts, we are able to identify the best solutions to meet our client’s needs to achieve the right solutions for defined quality, time and budget requirements.

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Our translation process

On The Dot Translations offers multiple levels of services based on clients’ needs ranging from draft to certified translations through to our multi-level translation and review process to ensure the highest quality and accuracy in order to meet the needs of global businesses.

The translation process starts with the project analysis in which we interview each client’s requirements and analyze the available materials. During production, our subject matter experts translate while proofreaders proofread the document. Both translators and proofreaders run Quality Assurance tools on the documents allowing both analytical and logical QA.

Additional quality assurance and a layout check are carried out on the text before final delivery to the client.

1. Analysis

2. Production

3. Post production

Quality assurance

On The Dot Translations is committed to the highest quality service.

Our requirements for our translators:

  1. Only native speakers of the target language
  2. Educational qualifications
  3. Expertise in a specific subject area
  4. Completion of intensive Linguistic and Subject Testing

Once these prerequisites are met, each candidate is taken through a series of assessments intended to measure their degree of professionalism, comprehension of ethics, and proficiency in translation or interpretation in specific languages and fields.

Having passed the initial screening and performance assessment, linguists are required to maintain their quality of services. We constantly monitor and rate the linguists’ work.

We have a strict, selective process through which only approximately 15% of the candidates enter our pool of linguists.

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The telecommunications industry is in a constant state of flux.