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Also known as trans creation, marketing translation services is a term that describes effectively coming up with a new marketing message in a target language, for a target audience. A well translated message evokes similar emotion, and implications as the source language. The concept of marketing translation is taking hold among many marketers and advertising agencies. some companies have sprung up to specialize with translation services. Translation services help to maintain efficient communication, attract more clients and create new final products for markets. It consists a number of services all in one package.

Software Localization for Marketing

This is a labor intensive process of adapting of a software product to specific language, culture, and technical requirements that suites the target market. Software product that has been well localized has the exact same look than the originally written script and is ready for the market. To make this effectively possible, certain units have to be considered: - measuring units, time and dates format, paper sizes, character sets, wording and hyphenation, copyright issues, currency conversions, taxes etc.

Steps to software localization,

  • Analysis of the material intended for translation and assembling of all the necessary resources
  • Assessing the nature of the material, its culture, and its language
  • Creating and maintaining the terminology glossaries
  • Translation
  • Adaptation of user interface, resizing forms and dialogs as expected
  • Localizing graphics and scripts
  • Compiling and building localized files for testing
  • Observing assurance of quality
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Delivery of Keyword translation can be difficult at times because each country and user group has a different group of keywords that they use. for example, the use of the term “auto” when referring to “cars”. If a company in the UK wants to market car loans among Americans, they must therefore use the term “auto loans’ because “auto” is the common term used to refer to cars in the US. Accurate keywords specialization guarantees a better and successful search results. In order for clients and users to obtain the best search results, a combination of three tasks namely; language, key words and local key words optimizations are undertaken.

Desktop publishing

For a professional end look, a translation company will require to use a new software for desktop publishing. Professional desktop publishes know that in order to achieve the ideal translation, it will require to change the format textile from the original to the translated script. A desktop publishing software does all this. To achieve the professional look, it’s of key important to note that the translated end product is a true reflection of the image of the company. This is why desktop publishing is such an important step in the translation project.

Website translation

A successful translation is that which pays attention to style, connotation of language, and cultural appropriateness. To achieve this, the use of mother-tongue professional translators is employees. Translating your business website to other language boasts your company to the use of the most powerful modern feature; the global reach.

Research has it that most consumers will only buy products from websites presented in a language they are well familiar with. For a multilingual search engine optimization, it’s also good to note that internet users do not only view website content in their own language but also in other languages. Therefore, this calls for optimization of key word in content. Translators and copywriters ensures that foreign language on website is fluent and sounds natural.

Text-only translation

Other clients prefer a text file translation and their work on the source files on their own. In such case the translated file is submitted in the same format.

Globalization consulting for marketing firms

Many business and companies are going global. Global consulting companies work hand in hand with businesses to determine the perfect markets to target and to maximize returns from the target group. A global consulting software helps to bring to view an appropriate tone in translation, and content that meets the needs of a target group. It puts client needs first by providing quality services in the required time and in a professional manner.


A small error can be a major fall down in the target turn out if ignored. On The Dot translation comes in to offer daunting proofreading services so as to make sure that the final edit is perfect, precise, legible and accurate. The team works on the clock to checking and cross checking the translated document for errors. Some of the tasks they undertake include:

  • Initial proofreading and error correction
  • Analysis of style and tone used
  • Recommendation of complementary services
  • A clear Question and Answer review
  • Final document submission


This involves a number of stakeholders’ effort such as translators, localization experts, project managers and software developers, to make a product or service culturally and linguistically meet the needs of a target group. The process employs the use of target graphics, content modification, local requirement and format conversions and most importantly adherent to copyright rights. Basically localization is a time consuming process.

Why go for On The Dot Translations Services?

  • Dedicated translators - We boast a team of highly qualified and committed translators who put client needs as first priority in service delivery, making sure that each personnel are suited for their specific sector. 
  • Quality assurance - Quality being the core objective and vision of every translation service and we are not an exception. With a leading team of experts, one could expect nothing more than top quality translations.​​​​
  • Cost and time effectiveness - This service company provides excellent timely and high quality translation results at substantially lower rates than other translation companies as it relies on modern day technology and a team of well-trained experts.
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