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Struggling to find a professional translation agency in Dallas? Here at OnTheDotTranslations, we specialize in delivering masterful translation services to those across the city. With a myriad of language options available, as well as many specialized services, we know we can meet your needs to the highest standard. 

Translating is our passion and as such, we have become the foremost agency in the area, providing the best results to clients, both individuals, and businesses. We take your tasks and understand them fro the core, to ensure that the translation process is thorough and 100% accurate. Precision, timely results and great customer service put us above other translation firms in Dallas, and our customer loyalty is proof. 

If you are looking for someone to take care of your language and translation needs, make sure to contact us today so that one of our advisors can guide you through the process and provide you with a no-hassle quote.

We offer a wide range of translation services in Dallas:

We are proud of our diverse service offerings, covering everything from legal translation to marketing localization, a whole host of language options and everything in-between. Whether its a simple word-for-word translation or a localization process, we will assure you that you will receive the best standard of service we provide. 

If you are looking for a specific translation service, make sure to look through our website or contact us to see if we can meet your needs.

We are much more than just a Dallas translation agency!

​Document and business translation specialists in Dallas

We pride ourselves on being able to handle the most specific of translation requests, with our services covering a wide range of common and not-so-common requests. We want to ensure that our certified translation agency can meet the needs of those in Dallas. 

One of the primary services we provide in Dallas is our excellent legal translation services. We commonly find that those in the financial sector and those simply immigrating to the city, require translation of specific legal documents. These range from contracts, birth certificates, and patent filings, all of which require a deft hand to translate effectively. OnTheDotTranslations is backed by a talented team of linguists that are trained in Law, allowing them to precisely translate the legal terms as well as the language. Not only is this imperative in a legal situation, not doing the process correctly can result in serious issues when using those documents in a legal setting. Legal words do not translate directly, as law differs in different countries, which is why you need us to make sure that the translation is 100% precise and accurate. 

The boom in information technology services and the rise in online businesses have seen our software localization services needed more than ever. Transferring your online offerings to another language is not as simple as translating the words and hoping for the best, in fact, it can cause confusion and failure for foreign users. To prevent this we always recommend our excellent software localization team. During this process, we not only break down your software, but we also build it back up with another demographic in mind. Everything from user interfaces, graphics and code needs to be localized and translated for new markets, due to the different social context involved. Those looking to expand abroad or offer new language options should not hesitate to contact us for a quote or advice on this service. 

OnTheDotTranslation services available in Dallas:

  • Software localization
    Analysis and road mapping
  • Legal translation
    Localization assessment
  • Document proofreading
    Terminology glossary and style guide creation
  • Patent translation
    Quality Assurance
  • Engineering translation
    The translation to target language
  • Marketing localization
    User Interface Editing
  • Manufacturing translation
    Media Localization
  • Certificate translation
    Project Delivery

Who do we work with?

We don’t hesitate to provide the best results for anyone in need of excellent translation services. We have worked with large scale businesses, SME businesses and individuals, always providing stellar service and excellent results. Even those with specific requests not mentioned should contact us to see what we can do to help you. 

Some of the most popular languages we translate to:

  • ​English
  • ​German
  • ​​Italian
  • Spanish
  • ​Arabic
  • ​Haitian Creole
  • ​Navajo
  • ​Portuguese
  • ​Russian
  • ​Chinese (Cantonese)
  • ​Chinese (Mandarin)
  • ​Filipino (Tagalog)
  • ​Indonesian
  • ​Japanese
  • ​Korean
  • ​Malay
  • ​Vietnamese
  • ​Turkish
  • ​Yiddish
  • ​Romanian
  • ​Hungarian
  • ​Polish
  • ​Hebrew
  • Greek

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated, certified translators

On The Dot Translations employs certified translators based on their expertise and experience through a rigorous process that result in selection of the best in the industry.

Our team is highly dedicated and every translator has field experience in the relevant areas they are tasked with. We make sure that we match our personnel to their best suited translation sectors where their ability can be put to greater use.

Quality assurance

Quality is our core value and constitutes our biggest strength.

Our modes of operation and translation workflows are all specially tailored to ensure unparalleled quality in all projects that we undertake.

With an expert and experienced team at our disposal, you can be guaranteed of top quality translations result.

Cost and time effectiveness

Our translation company is able to offer lower rates than the competition for superior quality work. This is possible due to our focus on the latest translation technology and available tools.

We are also extremely time-conscious and can complete your projects within the stipulated time frames in order to ensure fast turnaround times.

Worldwide translation company in Dallas, TX

Dallas is a place of industry; oil, defense, health, and financial services are prevalent throughout the city and demonstrate its bold economy. Large scale businesses thrive in the city, with the likes of 7-Eleven having roots there. We aid all manner of businesses, across multiple industries. 


Big, bold and filled to the brim with things to do, Dallas has a reputation of being a larger-than-life city in the North East of Texas. Sculptures dot the city and accompany an abundance of museums and cultural attractions, especially in the Dallas Art District. Those visiting the city may want to take the trolley car uptown and enjoy some of the finer Dallas cuisines, offering all-American barbecue in giant proportions. 

Amongst the skyscrapers is the beautiful Reunion Tower, which provides tourists with the best view of Dallas and everything within it. There are also places such as Fort Worth and Highland Park Village to explore or take a visit during the famous Texas State Fair for a true taste of Americana. The likes of the Dallas Cowboys bring in sports fans throughout the year, solidifying the attraction the city has.

Industry in Dallas

Financial Services

Finance is a key part of Dallas’ industry, with the sector providing hundreds of thousands of jobs and exporting its services across the world. These include mortgage lenders, banks, insurance agencies and so forth that are constantly dealing in and out of the city. This attracts many clients from abroad, many of whom do not speak English and thus are met with difficulty when trying to get their documents in order. Our legal translation team has experience in this service, providing the most accurate translations for customers and helping them along the way. The likes of contracts and legal papers must be translated correctly, along with all the terminology, into a format that is contextual and accurate in English. Our team excels at this and can provide the utmost care and attention to your legal documents so that you aren’t met with difficulty later down the line. 

Industry in Dallas


The growth in technology-based businesses has been prevalent over the last decade, with innovative startups creating products and services used the world over. Many of these hail from Dallas, especially in the transport, biotech and defense industries. These firms are often creating new products that are difficult to transfer over to new markets, which is made more difficult when appropriating engineering language into the language. OnTheDotTranslations ensures that these translations are correct, with a team of linguists trained in fields of engineering to take documents such as patents, instructions, and research papers, translating them in a way in which they can be thoroughly understood with complete precision. 


America has the largest defense budget in the world, by a considerable margin no less, and is at the forefront of everything military-related. Dallas has been used extensively in the defense industry, providing a hub for manufacturing and research. These firms employ and work with companies across the globe, operating in a variety of languages. Those seeking employment in the sector may come to Dallas with hopes of working within these companies but may struggle to speak the language. Creating resumes and letters can be tough, which is why we provide a proofreading service that can guarantee documents such as these will be understood completely and provide justice to your ability.

Languages of Dallas

With Dallas being so close to the Mexican border, it’s no surprise that it has a high proportion of Spanish speaking people. Many Mexican immigrants do struggle to speak fluent English, many of which are coming to the country for work. In these situations, it may be best to speak to a translator for help with issues such as proofreading, document translation, and so forth. 

If you are in need of a translator, don’t delay contacting us with your queries and required services.

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The terminology used in the translation industry can be a source of confusion for many people. Many terms are often wrongly used interchangeably. Localization and translation are two of such terms.

Localization refers to the process of taking a product or service and making it culturally and linguistically appropriate to the target locale (language, region or country) where it will be marketed. As such, localization is a much deeper process of which translation is part of. The process usually involves target graphics, content modification to the target market, local requirement conversions, local format conversion and adherence to local laws and regulations.

This makes it a time consuming and complex process that is best handled by professionals at On the Dot Translations. To tackle localizations projects we have invested in certain aspects including expert translators, localization experts, project managers and software developers. Our localization service process involves:

Initial proofreading and correction