​​​​Professional Greek to ​​​Albanian and ​​​Albanian to Greek Translation Services 

​On The Dot Translations is a family owned business providing commercial translation services for companies and individuals of all sizes.  We translate content from Greek to Albanian, and Albanian to Greek. 

We help you break down barriers between language and culture, giving you access to untapped markets and new opportunities. Whether you’re expanding quickly into Greece, or Albania, creating a multilingual marketing campaign in the United States, or needing quick translation for your business material, we provide you with the highest quality language solutions at any scale.

In short, we speak your language. With over 20 years of experience, we guarantee 100% when working with your Greek or Albanian content. We have a bold vision to empower global success for corporations, governments, or local organizations. We’ve been trusted for decades by hundreds of businesses who need customized, accurate, and fast language solutions.

greek to albanian translations

Since our inception, we’ve focused on hiring the 1% of translators while also building cutting edge technology to help QA and scale the various languages in an accurate and efficient manner. We unlock your ability to grow into new markets by using top quality translators who are well versed in translation technology!

By becoming a partner, you’ll take part in a thorough discovery process where we find your current needs and future objectives in a project analysis. Once complete, all required documents and materials will be extracted and translated into the required language with localization added for maximum impact.

Finally, our expert team will be tasked with making a final quality assurance check on the material. This ensures dialects and naturalization come through the language guaranteeing those who read it will know it was written by a native speaker.

What To Know About Albanian and Greek Translation

Both Albania, and Kosovo utilize Albanian as their official language. Albanian is also spoken by people in various countries throughout Europe, and over 7 mllion people speak Albanian around the world.

Translating the language can be complicated as it’s completely unique, and not based on any other language, so there are no common spellings that are used.

Our translators are fluent in Albanian and Greek, and we are here to help with your translations in either direction!

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​We’re an organization of Greek and Albanian language professionals who proudly believe in a shared set of values to provide you with the highest return on your time and money. We always put these values into action by committing to quality service in a timely manner. 

The moment you choose to work with us you’ll see why some of the largest companies in the world call us their trusted translation partner. Take the first step and call us today.