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Syracuse is one of the largest cities with a population of 150,000 people. It is situated in the central part of New York State between Buffalo and Albany. The city received such a name due to Syracuse Lake surrounding it. Some people also call it the Heart of New York due to the location. The local salt sources satisfied the whole country's need for salt up to 1870. Today Syracuse is a center of chemical, technical and electrical industries as well as heavy engineering. The State is the third due to a great impact on the economic situation and the GDP of this city.

About Syracuse

The city has more interesting and unique architecture including some ancient constructions. Ancient ones include a complex of Syracuse University buildings especially the Hendrix chapel, the language hall and memorial women's college. Many tourists mention Tipperary Hill. It was dedicated to immigrants from Ireland who were fighting for a "green light" in their life.

Also, the city hall and the district court building are especially fascinating. Modern architecture is represented by a Niagara-Hudson skyscraper. However, these are not the only pretty places to go. Syracuse has several parks and recreation areas where anyone can take a rest or have a picnic despite all the heavy industry.

Syracuse is aiming for the title of the best tourist destination in the world, which is reflected in the numerous travelers and tourist reviews. According to official statistics, it is one of the safest cities in the USA, so no one has to worry about the safety of property and their well-being. The greatest advantage for foreign English-speaking tourists is the fact that everyone in the city easily speaks English. Additionally, it is Tom Cruise's birthplace, making it even more attractive.

New York City is a capital of entrepreneurs and huge corporations. It provides a great range of different possibilities to the population and the New York State in general. The greatest relation between Syracuse and New York is the business. While one city does the production, the other searches for customers. 

Our Syracuse translation services

When it comes to making business, a technical language is necessary for such situations. While searching for customers, having negotiations and agreements as well as many other parts of the deal, a great quantity of professionalism is required. That is why Syracuse is famous for its production. The main advantage in such a case is to provide their goods and services outside of their territory. During the business processes, mostly communication happens to be in English. Unfortunately, many people do not possess such great skills in this language.

On the Dot Translations based in New York City provides the service of translation from 10 different languages around the world including French and African languages. 

The company has one of the most accurate technical translation in the whole State due to a great number of professionals always ready to help with any difficulty in creating an appropriate document as well as precise in its meaning. 

There are seven types of services in which the company expertise:
• Automotive and transportation;
• Assembly instructions;
• Consumer electronics;
• Engineering;
• Healthcare;
• Life Sciences;
• Telecommunications.

Such a various amount of business sectors can be useful for Syracuse citizens who would like to expand their business abroad without making mistakes. Moreover, the translation is not the only part of the process, since the localization and proofreading are the main factors of a success.

The company also provides localization and proofreading services for its clients. The process of proofreading improves the document tremendously by excluding all the opportunities to make mistakes. It is a very important part if the company wants to have a business with others because it influences the decision-making process.

Additionally, the localization is quite an interesting process involving some major points in the intercultural communication. While every language has its own terminology, not all of them have the same translation or the meaning for certain terms. In such cases, localization is a key to present the main messages and goals in the most accurate way.

Overall, with the competency to help many organizations, governments, and businesses, the company has a great base of clients around the world. On the Dot, Translations is always ready to accept new challenges in the form of projects and documents. In addition, the cost efficiency and time management results in a quality-based service turn On the Dot Translations is a professional in an area of expertise, giving a "green light" for communication. Therefore, why not to rely on it?

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