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Rochester is an incredible city in the State of New York. It lies on the southern side of Lake Ontario, and it has a population of 208,880 residents. It is worth noting that one million people stay within its metropolitan area.

Founded in 1788, Rochester was an agricultural town before it turned into a manufacturing and other business hub for the State of New York. Today, Rochester is one of the best cities for starting a business or raising a family. In fact, Forbes ranked it as the third best city to raise a family in the US.

About Rochester

The Significance of Rochester’s Economy to the State of New York

Rochester’s economic influence on New York is indisputable. In fact, the city’s metropolitan area was the second largest regional economy in the state in 2009. Interestingly, George Eastman founded the Kodak Company in Rochester in 1888. His father operated an enterprise in Rochester as well. It was a business school known as the Eastman Commercial College.

At one time, Kodak accounted for 90% of the film sales in the US. Other prominent companies that started in this city include Xerox, Western Union, Bausch & Lomb, and Gleason. Today, the city hosts the headquarters of major companies such as Paychex and Wegmans Food Markets among others.

The Significance of Rochester’s As a Connection Hub in New York State

The Greater Rochester International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the state. The airlines that serve this airport include JetBlue Airways, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines. These airlines cater to people who are moving within the State of New York in addition to national travelers.

For example, 132,000 individuals journey from this airport to the JFK airport in New York City annually. Nearly 200,000 people travel to Chicago, Illinois while 138,000 go to Atlanta, Georgia. Apart from being a regional transport hub, Rochester has numerous entertainment and cultural centers where people meet and have fun.

Rochester’s Diversity and Hospitality

More than 16.4% of Rochester’s population is Hispanic or Latino. That includes a large Puerto Rican community. Rochester has a significant Asian community as well. Other groups with a notable presence in Rochester include Turks, Poles, and Jamaicans in addition to people from African nations.

Interestingly, Rochester ranks among the top ten cities in the US when it comes to the number of Italians that reside in it. These facts demonstrate that Rochester is a beacon of cultural diversity in the United States. More specifically, people speak different languages in Rochester, and they ascribe to different cultures, but they live in relative peace.

Translation Services in Rochester

Business performance improves when you break down any communication barrier between you and your clients. For example, most of your clients in Rochester speak English. However, many of them know an additional language such as Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Polish, or Chinese. Some of them do not speak English.

You can increase your customer base by communicating with them in a language that they understand. In fact, your business would have an international appeal if you can read and send business documents in foreign languages. Take advantage of On the Dot Translations. Doing so would increase your market base by enhancing your level of communication with different communities in Rochester and beyond.

Rochester translation services by us

Currently, we offer you three categories of services namely translation, proofreading, and localization. We handle various products under translation services. They include assembly instructions, legal translations, and electronic manuals. We translate documents in the automotive and telecommunication industries as well.

Under proofreading services, we check the style and tone of your documents. We correct grammatical errors, and we enhance the clarity of the texts. Finally, under localization services, we ensure that your words are culturally appropriate to your target population.

Our company offers you quality translations that communicate the intended message. We consider the cultural background of the recipient and the sender. Remember, we hire our team from the most exceptional pool of translators. We train them well in the art of translation and business communication. Furthermore, you will receive your translations on time, and at the most competitive rates in the market. Contact us today for high-quality translation services.

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