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Stockton is located in the Central region of California county. It is surrounded by endless miles of waterways which are part of the California Delta. The city also houses an inland port. Stockton is located in prime agricultural land. The prime land and year-long water supply make Stockport one of the most productive lands in the United States. Stockport specializes in the large-scale production of cotton and grapes. The Stockton Opera House and the various museums are the main attractions in Stockton. The major destinations for tourists include the San Joaquin museum, the Haggin Museum, and the children’s museum. The Haggin museum celebrates the city’s diversity by displaying art from the various cultures in the city. 

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About Stockton

Stockton was officially incorporated as a city in July 1850. The early inhabitants of Stockton were in search of gold. There were Asians, Europeans, Africans, Canadians and many more. This diverse population is now reflected in the city’s architecture, ethnic festivals and a wide range of street names. The census in 1870 revealed that the city had a white population of 87.6% whites, 10.7% Asians. The rest were distributed across the remaining percentage. The 2010 census found that the city had a population if 291,707. The bulk of the population currently consists of whites, African Americans and Asians. The census showed that the cultural diversity of Stockton still remains since the 1850s.

Due to its geographical position and resources, Stockton’s economy was heavily reliant on its agricultural activities. However, Stockton diversified during the industrial revolution and began specializing in other industries such as manufacturing and telecommunications.

Companies have identified Stockton as a prime location for setting up industries due to its extensive roads and communication network. In addition, land in Stockton is relatively cheap compared to other similar locations within the US. This has led to the rapid growth of Stockton and has reduced unemployment. The figures show that recent job growth rate in Stockton is 2.2%. This average figure in the whole of the US stands at 1.6%. The future job growth rate in Stockton is expected to be at 33.6%. This figure is marginally higher than the average US figure which stands at 33.5%.

Stockton’s rapid growth was instigated by former mayor Gary Pedosto in the late 1990s. He undertook an ambitious project to renovate the city. His initiative led to the renovation and construction of new buildings across the city. Some of the buildings that were made or renovated include the Stockton Arena, the Bob Hope Theatre and the Stockton Ballpark. The popular “Decarli Square” was also constructed during this time. It has since become an important social center for the people of Stockton.

The late 1990s to the early 2000s represented a good period for Stockton’s economy. This was especially noticeable in the real estate sector. However, the real estate sector took a major hit in 2007 thanks to the subprime mortgage financial crisis. This, combined with the 2008 financial crisis, negatively affected Stockton’s economy. In 2008, Stockton had the highest foreclosure rate in the entire United States. This led to an increase in the unemployment rate which rose to 13.3%. This subsequently led to an increase in crime.

The lowest point in this decline was in July 2012 when the city filed for bankruptcy protection. However, the people and the leadership did not lose hope. Within one year, city leadership passed a plan to exit bankruptcy. The people also played their part by approving the implementation of sales tax to help them raise money. These efforts paid off and Stockton exited bankruptcy in early 2015.

The city’s economic department has been credited as being the force behind Stockton’s recovery. The department has managed to attract new investors and companies to Stockton. The department also works to create a conducive working environment for businesses to thrive. In addition, the department also supports low-income residents by providing affordable housing.

Stockton’s economy is bound to keep on growing. The city has made so much progress within the past 4 years. The above figures even show both recent and future job growth rate is higher than the average figures in the United States. Stockton is strategically located and it has a superior transport system. There is also loads of affordable land and a willing workforce. Stockton is only bound to grow further.

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