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Santa Ana is the headquarters of Orange County and the second largest city by population in Orange County. The densely populated city is one of the most diverse yet one of the safest of America’s large cities. Santa Ana is the host to several manufacturing companies and notable businesses in California. Real Gross Metropolitan Product statistics placed Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana second among all metropolitan areas in the US between 2013 and 2015.

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About Santa Ana

Ever since the city was established by Gaspar de Portola in 1769, granted a charter in 1952, and up to the present, it has been one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. It is the second most populous city in Orange County and the 57 most populous in the US. With a GDP besting countries like Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, Santa Ana is a magnet for investments from across the United States and the world. It has attracted all manner of manufacturing companies and technology companies that have made the city their headquarters.

Form its founding, Santa Ana depended on farming and transport as the main drivers of its economy. During the 19th century, the city did all it could to attract investment from railroad companies such as the Southern Pacific Railroad which were convinced to terminate their lines in Santa Ana. Over the years, the economy shifted from Agriculture and transport to manufacturing.

By the 20th century, Santa Ana was the headquarters to the aviation company Glenn L. Martin which would later merge into the Wright Company, the precursor to Lockheed Martin the largest military contractor in the world. During the Second World War, the US government built the Santa Ana Army Air Base, which drove a lot of the population growth of the city during this time, as many veterans of the war decided to stay after the war. According to the US Census Bureau, the median family income for a family in Santa Ana is $40,050 with the median household income at $53,335.

Given that the economy of the city is so diversified, the city has attracted a lot of opportunity seekers, making it one of the most demographically diversified cities in the US. With a population approximated at 324,528 in 2014, the populace is majority White who make up 45.9% with Hispanics, African American and Asians comprising much of the remaining population. Native Americans and Pacific Islanders also make up significant minorities in Santa Ana. With Whites taking up the majority of the population, English is the most spoken language in Santa Ana homes. Spanish is the second most popular language in households, with Asian and Pacific Islander languages spoken by a tiny minority.

Since the 1980s, the city has been in the process of revitalization of the downtown district which had fallen into disrepair. The process has gone on unabated and has seen the setting up of new businesses, the building of new apartments for young professionals and artists, and the reopening of the Yost Theater in 2009. With Irvine threatening to outpace Santa Ana, the city has commissioned several commercial projects in the Metro East and South Coast Metro Areas of the city.

Santa Ana is currently the home to several companies that include T-Mobile, Ultimate Software, Xerox Corporation, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Kern’s, TTM Technologies, STEC, Ingram Micro, Greenwood and Hall, and First American Corporation among several others.

The Rickenbacker musical instrument company, which has provided the bass and electric guitars for many rock and roll legends is headquartered in Santa Ana. 

Despite being considered one of the most urban metropolis’s in California and the United States, Santa Ana has a lot of hidden charms beneath the concrete veneer. Among some its attractions include the Knott Berry Farm and the Disneyland amusement parks that you can easily drive to. It is also a hotbed for tourism with its pristine beaches accessible from the 55 freeway 20 minutes out of town. One can get to surf, swim, boat, dine, and shop at the Newport and Huntington beaches, as well as many other coastal communities which offer the same amenities.

The raw GDP figures for Santa Ana are not available since it is part of the larger Long Beach-Los Angeles-Santa Ana metropolitan area. However, the larger area is the second most productive metropolitan area among all metropolitan areas of the United States. The metropolitan areas had a gross metropolitan product of about $792.2 billion in the year 2013. When it comes to GDP numbers the area ranked 20th in the entire United States. This number was better than the likes of Switzerland or Saudi Arabia that came in 22 and 21 respectively.

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