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Oakland remains the main West Coast port that controls 41 billion dollars of the international trade through and movement of containers through California. The city is the hub of many containers shipping companies and home to large corporations including Clorox and Kaiser Permanente. In recent years, the city is attracting major tech companies and start-ups being ranked fifth as the city with the highest number of entrepreneurs by venture capital. The city's GDP grew to 360.4 billion dollars in 2013. The factors contributed to Oakland attracting foreign investments and people seeking for a job. This necessitates the need for translation services to serve people of diverse languages to steer business to high growth.

Our translation services help the businesses of Oakland to expand into all segments of the world.

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The future of the companies in Oakland relies on global scaling

Oakland has been named the city with most professional opportunities. It is the major city in the County and remains the county seat for Alameda. The busy port and ever-expanding automobile manufacturing market have seen the city attracts people from across the world coming to invest in it.

However, cultural diversity and influx of investors come with its challenges. For consistent growth, there is a need to promote effective communication between investors, employees, and tourist in the city. The language barrier can slow the steady growth of the economy of such a big city but thank translation services, the city continues to get global exposure. Every substantial incorporation in Oakland knows the benefits that come with leveraging reliable translation service provides in steering up the expansion of the business.

About Oakland

In the year 1772, the area that became to be known as Oakland was taken over by Spanish colonists. Luis Maria Peralta later divided the property to his four sons. During California’s Gold Rush, the area became costly in Sian Francisco a fact that pushed many people to settle in Oakland. Most affected by where Chinese who were further impacted by Opium wars and had to migrate Oakland. Thief municipality of Oakland was incorporated in 1852. Oakland became a city in 1954. The development led to fast growth with the construction of upper rails, terminus and Oakland Long Wharf which is today’s Port of Oakland.

The late 19th century saw the construction of cable cars, electric, and growth of streetcars companies. During the period, there was outbreak plague epidemics which led to Quarantine measures. General Motors launched an automobile factory in Oakland in 1906. 

It produced GMC trucks and Chevrolet cars until 1963. Federal Motor Company launched its first Factory in 1916. The first quarter of saw establishment of big companies including Chrysler, metals companies, bakeries, canneries, internal combustion engines, shipbuilding, and automobiles throughout the period, there was the construction of estimated 13,000 homes in three years between 1921 and 1924. Continental flights finished around the same time.

The mid-20th century saw the influx of people from all over the United States looking for jobs in Oakland. The arrival contributed to the high rise of population in the city around the time. Kaiser The corporation built its headquarters in the city which became the most massive skyscraper in Oakland. Thru the period, violence escalated in the city between blacks and police. Violent crimes and property crimes rose in the 1990s worsening the economy. A few years later, Oakland's economy recovered with new job creation. The big development projects such like International Airport. Other projects included urban renewal projects and Port of Oakland opening to new jobs in the city.

Oakland remains among the most ethnically different major cities in the United States. It became fourth among the major diverse large cities in the country. The city is home to African Americans from the time of high migration. Many people migrated in the city leading to different ethnicity. There are 200,000 jobs created in the marine cargo transport attracting many job seekers in the city. Tech companies and significant incorporation have further encouraged migration of entrepreneurs and investors further escalating diverse cultures in the city.

Investors needing to translate documents for a business purpose may require translation services to affect their needs. This came to an advantage to people who need to expand the business to new geographical areas or need to reach people who do not understand the language for legal and social reasons. Our company provides translation services for clients to push their businesses to new dimensions and margins.

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