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It is clear to see why Chula Vista has often been termed as the home of “United States Olympic-Training Center”. With its pleasant Mediterranean climate, the city hosts wide opportunities of tourism, recreation, and businesses for its residents, tourists and companies alike. Witnessing the exponential journey from “the most boring” to the “2nd fastest-growing city [economically-speaking] in the entire Nation”, the city with its robust economy provides foundation for investors and business companies to grow and develop unprecedentedly. 

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About Chula Vista

Scenically located between San Diego-Bay and the costal mountain foothills, Chula Vista (the beautiful view) acts as the epicenter of one of the economically and culturally-diversified zones in the US and the 2nd largest city in the entire San Diego Metropolitan-area. When it comes to ranking by size in the state of California, the city takes position 14. Countrywide, it ranks position 74 by economic size. The city was founded during early 19th century and has observed really fast population growth recently due to the diversified richness of it culture and economy.

The city has grown from being ranked by Forbes magazine in the year 2009 as one among the most boring, to the 2nd-fastest growing in the country, by Forbes in 2013.

Predominantly occupied by the Spanish and named as Otai, the city witnessed its foremost human settlement almost 8,000 years ago and since then, has undergone numerous invasions & populations before the United States finally claimed it during the Mexican-American War. At the close of the nineteenth century, a retired-professor from the University-of-Wisconsin introduced Lemon to the city and following the dam’s completion in 1888, the city emerged as one of the largest lemon-growing centers in the world, for a certain period. The city has undergone phases of economic and cultural growth since then.

Having successfully emerged after the Great Recession, the city acquired the Olympic Training-Center in 2017 and renamed it to Elite Athlete-Training Center. Chula Vista also has proposed developments to turn Rohr Park into a center similar to the famous Griffith Park, as well as develop the Bayfront. The very Olympic Training-Center along with Mattress-Firm Amphitheatre, Aquatica San-Diego, the Chula-Vista Marina & the Living-Coast Discovery-Center are among the most popular tourist destinations contributing to the recent economic boom.

Chula Vista offers a business ambiance that highly encourages economic growth. The economy has been characteristically strong and the city has been a major attraction to crowds, comprising of retirees, overseas and domestic migrants as well as migrants from other parts of the state. Economic boom has also led to the higher cost of living. With an amalgamated architecture, enchanting waterfront area & a hub of hospitality activities, the downtown is a magnetic attraction to the tourists from all over.

Endearing ocean-moderated climate offers and facilitates year-round enjoyment. Exuding the distinctive California air, the city offers richly augmented experiences of dining, shopping, cinema and tourism remains to be the economic engine for Chula Vista. Chula Vista Nature-Center, OnStage Playhouse, Otay Valley Regional-Park, Mattress-Firm Amphitheatre, Otay Valley Regional-Park, the Chula Vista Marina, Aquatica San-Diego, the U.S Olympic Training-Center & numerous golf courses are among the notable tourist attractions. San Diego Zoo-&-Sea World are famous countrywide.

Rich in cultural heritage and well-endowed with arts and recreational amenities, the city is home to Mattress-Firm Amphitheatre and Onstage Playhouse, the latter being the only live-theater found in South Bay San Diego while the former was the first notable concert-music facility of the area.

 Downtown Chula Vista also hosts famous cultural events such as Starlight Parade, Lemon Festival, and Chula Vista Rose-Festival. Being the center of the Olympic Training-Center, the city also holds its significance in sports.

Along the Northern part, growth of residential areas has been exponential and along the coast lie the entertainment, shopping and other recreational hubs. A great chunk of high tech and other companies have moved their facilities to those northern areas in order to avoid the commute displacement to the downtown. With exceptional advances in providing opportunities and atmosphere for economic growth and prosperity, the city has enabled companies to establish economic development initiatives, strong consumer base and above all, a workforce that is highly educated and well-experienced. 

The pleasant Mediterranean climate and highly entertaining atmosphere magnetically draws migrants, tourists and businesspeople to the city, even as recent studies forecast an even more favorable economic growth. 

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