top 5 Largest cities in New York state by popultaion

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New York State has approximately 62 cities, with many very small and others like New York City which is very large. We excluded NYC from this list, it would have been to easy. Many businesses come to New York State to start or transfer their business to the area because much of the state is very business oriented. However, of the 62 cities in the state, five stands out as the top for being the most business-friendly and savvy, these include:

1. Buffalo

Buffalo is one of the most exciting and fun loving places. This is one of the most populous cities of New York states, only New York City is heading Buffalo in population. According to the 2000 Census, the population of the city is 292, 648. This city is located on the eastern shores of Lake Erie at Western New York and around the Niagara River. This is one of the major cities of the metropolitan area of Erie County.

Buffalo exhibits a very rich and interesting history that dated back to the nineteenth century. The main reason for the development of this area was due to its important position as the transportation and industrial point. This also results in making it one of the most magnificent places with respect to the creativity, traditions and culture.

2. Rochester

Rochester is the city that perfectly features the culture of the big city with the excitement and charm of the small city. This marvelous city of Rochester is located ideally on the shores of Lake Ontario offering tremendously striking views. The city is also well known as the birthplace of amateur photography.

The city of Rochester was named so in order to pay regards to the Earl of Rochester. It was incorporated on June 25, 1703, and the area was later organized as the town on March 7, 1788. The town was a collection of several small communities out of which most of the communities had post offices or general stores. 

Rochester forms the second largest economy in New York State following the New York City. With an approximate population of about 219,773, it stands as the third most populous city of the state. The city is also designated as one of 'the most livable city' among the three hundred and seventy-nine metropolitan areas of United States.

3. Yonkers

Yonkers is a place that many people visit because it has so many attractions including museums, raceways, and many retail businesses. Those looking to relocate their business, this is a very business-friendly city.

Founded by Dutch Colonists in the 17th century as a small agricultural hamlet, Yonkers NY has grown to become the 4th largest city in the state of New York. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of this city and the attractive incentives that it offers, the population of Yonkers has consistently shown a steady increase over time. In line with the 2000 Census, the population of Yonkers was 196, 086. There are approximately seventy-five thousand different people in the area with each family having, on an average, approximately 3. twenty-five members.

Yonkers is a city in the close area to the Big Apple. Thus it's overshadowed by New York city and underestimated by visitors. However, there is an impressive amount of leisure options for the traveler that decides to pay a visit to the town. Yonkers features interesting museums, plazas and gardens and offers several options for dining, shopping and entertainment.

4. Syracuse

Syracuse is a city of historic and cultural marvels along with magnificent lakes, hills, valleys and streams. This beautiful city is located on the banks of lakes Onondaga and Ontario and in close proximity with Finger Lakes region that is situated just around twenty miles. The city has grabbed the position of an important economic and educational hub of Central region of New York. It enjoys the status of being the county seat of Onondaga County. The city population was 147,306 according to the 2000 census making it the fifth most populous city in the state.

It has got its name from an Italian city named Siracusa of Sicily. The city of Syracuse has a very rich history as it played a very important role in social movements and general innovations. 

It was the first city to establish the very first democracy in North America and it was also the first city to raise voice against slavery and women suffrage in the country. Syracuse University was established in the year 1870 that later became the prominent feature of the city and played a very important role in development.

Syracuse is often seen as a highly desirable place to live, both culturally and economically. In 2010 Forbes rated the city as the fourth best places to raise a Family in the United States. It is also unique among northeast cities in that the cost of living is relatively low. Economically, Syracuse has the rare distinction of being home to a large number of small businesses as opposed to only a few large ones. This encourages diversity as well as promoting stability since the entire workforce can't be threatened by the closing of one company. In addition, most of the city's top employers are in the educational and service industries, which overall tend to be much more stable than their manufacturing counterparts. However, manufacturing is still an important part of Syracuse's economy.

5. Albany

Albany is one of New York's business-friendly cities because it has been the center of higher education along with healthcare services. There is a lot of history in the city, which makes it a great place to relocate or start a business. The population of Albany city was 97,856 that is according to the 2010 census.

There is such a noteworthy measure of justifying things to analyze and might once you want to put your get-away in Albany, NY. Albany could be a growing adjacent center that is over-copious in a couple of common and distinctive sources. The reach is considered as an enduring during that time territory, particularly by visitors who are hunting down the kind of event capacities. 

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