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By the year 2017, San Francisco ranked 7th among the counties with highest a per capita personal income in the entire United States. In the same year, the city was listed as the United States’ 3rd largest urban economy with a GDP of 878 billion dollars. The growth of the city is steered by the fact that San Francisco is home to the headquarters of five major banking institutions, other big tech companies. The city boasts of being a key tourist destination due to its favorable climates and notable landmarks. The city is also home major educational and cultural institutions. The city is the second densely populated large city in the United States. Combined with san Jose-San-Francisco-Oakland, their resident population stands at 8.8 million people.

Our translation services help the businesses of San Francisco to expand into all segments of the world.

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The future of the companies in San Francisco relies on global scaling

The city in the West headquarters large financial institutions, Venture capital firms and multinational banks. The city is host to 30 international financial institutions, massive support infrastructure, and six fortune 500 companies. The city’s economy has diversified to expanding fields of high tech biotechnology and medical research from earlier finance and tourism sectors. The development has necessitated for highly skilled and more educated employees from all corners of the world.

San Francisco was ranked as the sixth most competitive financial center in the world by Financial Centre Index. However, the infrastructure and growth of tech companies alone are not enough to steer the city’s growth to expected heights. There lies a need to promote effective communication between various investors and employees. Most of the giant corporations understand the need for leveraging service of dependable translation service providers in California to steer growth.

About San Francisco

San Francisco was established on June 29, 1776, when Spanish colonists established Presidio of San Francisco which was later renamed as St. Francis of Assis. Upon independence from Spain, the area becomes part of Mexico. In 1935, the first Englishman arrived in the city and made public plans for the area and named it Yerba Buena and started to attract American settlers. After the American-Mexican war, the city was claimed by the United States and was later renamed, San Francisco.

The city experienced population growth at high speed during California Gold Rush. At the time, 25 percent of California’s resided in the city a fact that made San Francisco the largest city West Coast. Entrepreneurs capitalized on the wealth generated by the Gold Rush. Some of the early winners Founded banks and other financial institutions. Wells Fargo was founded in 1852, and twelve years later in 1864, Bank of California was established.

The city experienced its worst catastrophe in 1906 when a third of the city was destroyed by an Earthquake. The vast majority of city residents were left homeless and were forced to live in a makeshift structure. It is estimated that 498 people lost their lives through recent statistics estimates the number to be in several thousand. Bank of America provided loans for reconstruction of the city which was hastened and by 1915, the city celebrated its rebirth at Panama Pacific International Exposition.

Throughout the period, the city built some of its most essential infrastructures. There was fast construction of the railway lines, sewerage system, major road network and dams that ensured steady water supply. The years that followed show San Francisco construct some its most its iconic skyscrapers with Bank of America erecting 555 California street in 1969 and Transamerica pyramid in 1972.

In the close of the 20th century and the start of 21st century, San Francisco saw a dot.com boom and tech start-up companies pushing the economy to new margin. This was followed by marketers, designers, entrepreneurs, computer application developers, and sales professionals changed the landscape of poor neighborhoods to gentries. Demand for houses shot resulting in a wave of high-rise advancements. Social media boom in 200os further made San Francisco favorite site for tech companies. The move brought in experts from all corners of the United States and the rest of the world to San Francisco.

Demographics of the city are characterized by Whites, Asians, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Latinos. Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Hispanic, and Salvadorans inhabits the city from the time of Gold Rush through dot.com boom to social media boom making a mixture of different people.

These necessities the need for translation services to fit different demographics needs and languages. Those in need of expanding the business to reach people or geographical regions who do not understand the language that is where we dive in to help. We offer exceptional translation services for legal and social reasons translation services. For a quotation, contact us, we are here for you.

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