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San Diego’s economy is one of the most robust in the US. In fact, a Forbes columnist designated it as the best city for anyone looking to launch their startup or small business. San Diego holds the distinction of being the second largest city in California after Los Angeles and the eighth largest in the entire United States. From military/defense, manufacturing/research, international trade, and tourism, San Diego’s economy has been booming in the past few decades. As the economic heartbeat of the region as well as an important hub for trade with Mexico and South America in general, it can only continue to attract investment into its economy.

Our translation services powers San Diego's economy by allowing businesses to tap into all segments of their market across the US and around the world.

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About San Diego

San Diego has been attracting a lot of investment from companies across the world interested in their tourism, military, biotechnology, and international trade sectors. Leading tech companies such as Qualcomm, several military contractors such as General Atomics and Cubics, and biotechnology companies such as Neurocrine Biosciences and Illumina have set up their headquarters in San Diego. With so many companies setting up shop in the city, there is a need for highly skilled employees from all over the world.

While San Diego has done a lot to attract investors, there is still a need to do more to support companies once they set up in the city. Being such a diverse city, investors often have to work with each other in the course of doing business, which can lead to challenges in communication. As such, translation services play a significant role in fostering effective communication between the different investors in the San Diego economy. Any company in the city that has tried to scale its business recognizes the importance of translation services to enable the company not only to communicate effectively with partners but also with clientele from across the globe.

San Diego is the second largest city in California with a population estimated at 1,419,516 as of 2017. It is the economic seat of San Diego County and lies 120 miles south of Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast and adjacent to the American Mexican border.

San Diego has often been referred to as the birthplace of California, given that it is the first site to be settled by Europeans in California. The first European to visit San Diego was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who landed in San Diego Bay in 1542 and claimed the land for the Spanish crown. A permanent settlement known as Fort Presidio was established in 1769, and this settlement is what formed the core of what would come to be known as California.

The original inhabitants of the San Diego area were the La Jolla and San Dieguito, though the area has also been inhabited by the Kumeyaay. When Mexico became independent from Spain in 1821, San Diego became a Mexican territory under what was then known as Alta California. However, the Mexican American War of 1846-1848 led to an American victory that saw Mexico lose Alta California under the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty. While the Mexicans made every attempt to hold onto the city, the Americans would not budge as they considered San Diego to have just as much commercial potential as San Francisco.

California joined the US in 1850 and was incorporated as a city and the headquarters of the newly established San Diego County. While it started out on Old Town District, downtown had shifted to the bayfront by the 1860s. During the Second World War, San Diego was a major center of defense and military activities, given that several military complexes and defense contractors were based in the city. With its deepwater port, it was the perfect location for shipbuilding and submarine yards anywhere on the western seaboard. San Diego is currently the home to the biggest naval fleet on the globe.

The city is host to many research institutions including the University of California San Diego, which has also made it the hub for biotechnology manufacturing and research. With more than 400 biotech companies, it is currently home to the second largest biotechnology cluster in the US.

With its deepwater port and its location right on the Mexican-American border, it is the perfect spot for international trade. It has also been designated a Foreign Trade Zone and has two of the busiest border crossings that handle the largest volumes of trucks and trade among all Mexico-US land crossings.

Tourism is a huge driver of the city's economy given that San Diego has a perfect climate, beautiful beaches and a lot of tourist attractions from its Mexican and Spanish heritage. There has also been a boom in the city’s craft brewing industry, which attracts a considerable number of tourists. In 2012 alone San Diego had 32 million tourists who spent more than $8 billion.

The demographics of San Diego is an interesting mix of people from across the world. These include Whites, African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Hispanics among others. Many of the different peoples in San Diego immigrated to the city either to trade or to work. There are still many more immigrating into the city every day. 

Given such an eclectic mix, the need for translating documents from one language to another is great. Whether you are intending to scale your business to reach a different demographic or region that does not understand your language, we are here to help you translate your documents or any other communication you have.

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