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If language is the carriage of knowledge and ideas, then the translation is the road. The tech industry depends on this roadmap to traverse the world with new inventions. Startups and tech companies can sell and distribute life-changing ideas from Silicon Valley to the rest of the world through language adaptation. Without the fear of contradiction, we can say that the survival of tech startups significantly relies on the effectiveness’ of translation. Read on to understand how translation can break the glass ceiling over your business, and help your tech innovations fly high like angry birds.

Our translation services help the businesses of California to expand into all segments of the world.

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Why Choose Us?

Dedicated, certified translators

On The Dot Translations employs certified translators based on their expertise and experience through a rigorous process that result in selection of the best in the industry.

Our team is highly dedicated and every translator has field experience in the relevant areas they are tasked with. We make sure that we match our personnel to their best suited translation sectors where their ability can be put to greater use.

Quality assurance

Quality is our core value and constitutes our biggest strength.

Our modes of operation and translation workflows are all specially tailored to ensure unparalleled quality in all projects that we undertake.

With an expert and experienced team at our disposal, you can be guaranteed of top quality translations result.

Cost and time effectiveness

Our translation company is able to offer lower rates than the competition for superior quality work. This is possible due to our focus on the latest translation technology and available tools.

We are also extremely time-conscious and can complete your projects within the stipulated time frames in order to ensure fast turnaround times.

Our translation services that California can benefit the most

Software localization

There is no relevance without localization. In an increasingly globalized world, your business tech startup needs to be relatable in all the four corners. Your product needs to impact the lives of the people who buy it. Translation can help your business and tech innovations find relevance in a village in Uganda, in the glitzy streets of Dubai and on the skyscrapers of Tokyo. Note that this is the only way you will be able to monetize your venture and maximize returns.

. Software localization involves more than the translation of the software. It also consists of adjusting the software to suit both the cultural and technical requirements needed by clients. Most times we modify software to remove any barriers that may limit its desired market. Traditional translation effecting is when the software’s development process is in its final stages. However, for software localization, the story is a bit different as we carry it parallel to developing the software. In most cases, we usually start software localization a bit early to enable shipment of all the software after the project completion.   

Software localization services would greatly benefit the tech sector in many ways. First is that there are many tech companies in Silicon Valley and therefore many software. Localizing each software ensures a boost in its marketability. For example, some software may be against the cultural practices for a particular location. People in such areas will highly shun the software reducing its potential market. Localizing the software will also boost its marketing incentives. The second reason is bringing the software closer to the user. We use an interface with images closer to the location of its users which is vital as it makes the product familiar to the users.

Patent translation

Patent translation refers to a unique task of changing patent information into another language. Crafting a well-documented patent translation brings about a difference which can amount to millions for your organization. Patent translation requires expert personnel in the field for a valid patent.   

We usually convert patent’s drawings, description, and claims to other languages. We choose our patent translators based not only on their expertise in patent translation field but also in the subject. Doing so ensures that you get the best services since the translator will have more interest and passion in the patent.   

Patent translation ensures the patents cover all the possible clients. Many times patents should be double checked to ensure the accuracy of their information which can result be compromised as a result of the translation. We always triple check our licenses to provide the information is correct and attractive to the potential clients. This is vital for Silicon Valley because of the vast volumes of innovation and new products involved. Our services will be of great benefit the tech companies in this area. We have also offered quality patent translation to notable companies in the area before.

About California and its economy

California is regarded as the largest state economy not only in the US but also in the world. In recent years, it has enjoyed an overall private of 20.5 million. It has played a pivotal role in the growth of the American economy in general. Being one of the popular states, California is known to have a diversified economy. San Jose is an economic center of Silicon Valley that has boosted the economic growth. Other Silicon Valley cities include Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Santa Clara. These cities are known for their technology, agriculture and entertainment industries.   

Also, largest manufacturing industries are located in these cities. In fact, this is where largest companies have their headquarters. Some of these companies include Chevron, Google, Intel, and Facebook. Here are the industries that have led to the growth of the California economy.  

Business and Professional Services  

Business and professional services have been the most important and powerful industries in California. This has increased the rate of employment by 18 percent. These cities have seen to raise the total private workforce hence contributing to 13 percent of the gross domestic product. These industries have grown up to 5.5 percent during the last one year. In fact, these businesses have led to more incomes and revenues to the government. This strong performance has not only attributed to the growth but also the improvement of the economic environment. Furthermore, these services that are given in all Silicon Valley cities have expanded the economy. That's why California has a wider economy due to demand of these services.  


This is another sector that has been making headlines in Silicon Valley cities. It has employed more than 5 percent of total employees in California. It also accounts for 3 percent of gross state product. Without this, the economic growth would have been a past tense. Due to construction demand, the state has seen to collect more revenues from the real estate. In fact, it is the fastest growing industry in California. With this, the currency will continue becoming stronger and stronger each day. Due to this, the state has attracted more investors from outside the state. California can't ignore this industry. It is clear that the economy has been gaining a significant value in these cities. 

Financial Activities  

Financial activities have contributed to the economic growth in California. It comes as a surprise to many people. They have raised the gross state product significantly to another level. This shows that financial services are becoming a significant employer. These activities have employed 6% of the overall private workforce. This has seen to generate around 19 percent of state domestic product. The transactions made in many bank sectors have improved the tax collected in the state. With this, the cities have been able to improve their projects as expected. Also, this has led to a favorable standard of living among the citizens who live in these cities. Real estate activities, both commercial and residential are also contributing the gross product and employment environment.  

Health and Educational Services  

Health and educational services offered in Silicon Valley cities is another vital industry. These services have contributed substantially towards the California industry. It is no more secret that education has led to new innovations. New inventions have brought new ideas into the health sector. Both services represent 7 percent of gross state product. Moreover, employment chances have increased to 18 percent. This reflects how California is among the best states with high incomes. People earn more income to sustain themselves and their families in these cities. Additionally, the health industry has tasted an improvement. Being the best state, California is full of health centers who offer amazing services. For this reason, citizens have benefited from a good healthy environment. Many foreigners usually visit the state to get these services thus bringing more incomes to the government. According to the data, the money collected from these sectors have boosted main projects.  

California will continue enjoying the economy growth is these services continue to improve. As seen, they have created more employment opportunities in the state. The standard of living will also rise as many citizens can now earn an increased. It's yet to be seen how the economy will be 10 years to come.

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