Professional Translation Services in California
It Doesn’t Go Without Saying

Expert Telecommunication Translation Services

If language is the carriage of knowledge and ideas, then the translation is the road. The tech industry depends on this roadmap to traverse the world with new inventions. Startups and tech companies can sell and distribute life-changing ideas from Silicon Valley to the rest of the world through language adaptation. Without the fear of contradiction, we can say that the survival of tech startups significantly relies on the effectiveness’ of translation. Read on to understand how translation can break the glass ceiling over your business, and help your tech innovations fly high like angry birds.

Revenue in localization

There is no relevance without localization. In an increasingly globalized world, your business tech startup needs to be relatable in all the four corners. Your product needs to impact the lives of the people who buy it. Translation can help your business and tech innovations find relevance in a village in Uganda, in the glitzy streets of Dubai and on the skyscrapers of Tokyo. Note that this is the only
way you will be able to monetize your venture and maximize returns.

Growth in connection

The world is an ever-continuous process of creation and procreation. Even tech apps need further development. Businesses need partnerships. But none of that can be achieved in an environment marred by language barriers. You will lose on that fantastic programmer who only speaks Chinese or that engineer who only speaks Punjabi. Through professional translation, sharing of ideas and knowledge will be possible. The result is sped-up technological development, app improvement, and business growth.

Customer support

So, through hard work, your tech company has managed to penetrate the market. Consumers are going to want to interact with your brand. They will be online, writing to your support team in Punjabi, calling in Mandarin and tweeting in Swahili. What steps will you take to address their issues? You will need a professional team of translators on your side. Without that, you could kiss them (customers) all

Consistency across oceans

At this very moment, engage Google. Type in and search the phrase ‘Lost in Translation’ and you will see costly blunders that companies made. An airline company in Brazil told people to ‘Vuelo en Cuero,’ assuming that was the local for fly in Leather.’ How wrong. They had told people to fly naked!’ HSBC Bank had a five-year-old successful campaign in the US dubbed assume Nothing,’ In many countries, the same translated to do Nothing.’

KFC’S finger-likin-good’ slogan was misrepresented China as ‘lick your fingers off.’ These cases point to the fact that translation in what we call the ‘Information Age’ is not a walk in the park. You need a professional team to help your brand message get home. Google won’t help much.

Globalization demands so

Unlike popular belief, globalization does not help with the growth of a single dominant language. Data estimates that 60 percent of internet searchers reside outside the U.S. When an Arab searches the internet he/she will expect your web page to speak their language. The only way for your e-commerce business to make sense to the world is to deliver the products in their languages. You need a professional web-based translation for that.

Your business needs to speak the same language with your target market. Professional translators will help ensure words don’t fail you.

Our services

Software translation services

We provide superior software translation services to firms that market or develop software products. This includes medical device firms, electronic manufacturers, automotive firms and financial organizations. We can translate the products into over 100 languages and help you enhance your sales globally. All our services are backed by a quality policy and all our software translators are certified by globally accredited agencies and organizations.

Website translation services

Surveys show that site visitors are 3 times more likely to do business with a website that is in their native language. As such, having a multi-language site is a cost-effective and efficient way of reaching out to new customers and markets. That’s why you should partner with us. Our website translation services deliver sites that are as persuasive in other foreign languages as the original. We have done it for several years and have translated websites in over 100 languages.

Technical translation services

Because it requires precision and accuracy, technical translation is one of the hardest translation specialties. Just like technology, it must be cautiously crafted to meet the required specifications with no margin for error. In an international business environment that depends mainly on technology, inaccurate or poor technical translation services can have drastic repercussions on any company that
relies on meticulously translated materials. We understand that you expect state of the art quality and that is what our team will provide you with.

What’s more, the language pair is not the only expertise of our technical translators. They also specialize in individual subject matters. Different industries have their own terminologies and our translators have experience with the different industries to effectively use the right terms. Our professional translators specialize in matters such as manufacturing, technology, and technical writing.

Technical translation services

Do you sleep, breath and eat marketing communications? Are you an expert in Marcom? If you answered ‘yes’ we can make your work easier. Now, adapting your marketing and communications materials for your international customers’ use is not just about translating text into a language they can understand. It is about making your target audience adopt the vision and message that you want to project. And that is why we do more than just translating your text. We will culturally change the materials so that they are not only understood, but also have the appropriate local nuances and flavors.

We are a marketing translations company that offers a wide array of translations solutions to different corporate marketing communication departments. Whether it is the translation of ad copies, marketing brochures, websites, emails, films, newsletters, catalogs or subtitling of films and video presentations, we will do the job perfectly. With hundreds of professional translators in over 90 countries, we will help you interact with your international clients in their language efficiently.

Legal translation services

In The Dot Translations offers services you can rely on. That’s why we are the most trusted service provider of legal translations services to leading global corporations and law firms. Also, most government agencies and courts globally accept legal documents translated by us. Our consistently high-quality service is ISO certified and you can trust us to deliver on time at affordable rates.

Also, to ensure that we only deliver quality work, all our legal translators are thoroughly tested and vetted before they are hired. This not only ensures that only the best reviewers and translators work on your projects but also even the most sophisticated information is conveyed perfectly. Actually, most of our legal translators are qualified attorneys in their countries. We translate the following documents:

- Intellectual property documents
- Agreements and contracts
- Depositions and affidavits
- Court transcripts
- Litigations documents

- Software licenses
- Insurance policies


Our state of the art localization service involves taking a material or product such as an application or a website and making it culturally and linguistically ideal to the target audience. So if your firm operates in California and you want to translate different aspects of the service such as the documentation, website, interface or online help into other languages we can do it for you. We will make your product or service accessible to a new audience by:

- Extracting and translating your content
- Building your product in a foreign language
- Testing the translated product

Just talk to us about what you want and we will make your content or software look as amazing in a foreign language as it does in the original language.

Patent translation services

We are also a leading provider of top quality patent translations in California. This includes patent corporations in the technology industry and law firms as well as professionals in life sciences such as pharmaceutical and biotech firms. We have a proven experience in translation of EP and PCT patents into most Asian, European and African languages. All the translations undergo a quality check test by supervised a professional proofreader to ensure language correctness and accuracy. Also, all the translated patents are usually formatted correctly to ensure they comply with the guidelines of the domestic patent office.

Professional proofreading services

Consumers expect error-free and high-quality writing today. They expect a concise and organized presentation of facts and ideas. And with our help, your texts can reach that level! Professional,
precise and polished. So if you are looking to enhance a product review article, a manuscript, a proposal or a business document, On The Dot Translations is your one-stop proofreading service.

Why choose us?

Clear Translations
All our professional translators are not only native speakers but also proficient in the subject they are dealing with. This means they can handle language translation and intricate terms related to different industries seamlessly.

We use state of the art technology to ensure quality and consistency every time. Whether it is translating hundreds of pages or translating marketing materials, you can be sure the final product will be accurate.

All our translations go through a quality assurance process. This weeds out any errors and ensures your product reads naturally and smoothly. It also eliminates inconsistency and technical mistakes relating to the format or coding.

Fast turnaround
Our translation platform is designed for processing even high volumes of content easily and quickly. It distributes thousands of projects to translators every day.

Proven Expert Translation Services
With dedicated and highly qualified translators and reliable translation equipment, we can provide reliable translation services for your business. No matter what the subject matter or language is, you can trust us to deliver. We have established a reputation for offering a top-notch translations service that keeps our customers coming back every time.

The telecommunications industry is in a constant state of flux.