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The City of Buffalo is predominantly known as the second largest city in the state of New York. The city is located on the edge of Niagara River which flows in the North direction towards Niagara Falls, draining into Lake Ontario. The climactic condition is quite moderate. It is relatively sunny during summers but experience proper rainfall to maintain its lush green vegetation. The city plays an important role in trade and commerce in United States. It facilitates the ease of conducting commerce and business for the Canada - United States, becoming an important part of Buffalo Niagara region. Buffalo is rich in electric supply and as a result, has been christened “The city of light.” It is also known for its advanced urban planning and has been acclaimed throughout the world for its impeccable architectural designs and culture that it possesses.

Welcome to the city of Buffalo

Buffalo treats music and tradition with utmost respect, making it one of the culturally rich cities in New York. During the olden days, Buffalo was considered to be the manufacturing centre of New York. But due to deindustrialization, the economy of the city took a massive dip up to a point it was equated with the rust belt cities. Although the city was in such a mess and it experienced a huge exodus of the inhabitants due to the shutting down of industries, it tried its level best to re-emerge from those austere times. And now, Buffalo stands as one of the strongest cities in New York both economically and culturally.

Importance Of Buffalo As A City In The State Of New York

Culture - As mentioned earlier, Buffalo is a culturally rich city. Starting with the cuisine, it is listed among the “world’s top 10 food cities”. The city has given birth to some of the world’s best cuisine. People from all over the world visit the city to experience some of the best cuisine festivals such as the National Buffalo Wing-Festival.

Art and Tradition - It is a traditionally rich city. Here, you would find more than 50 art galleries which happen to be a huge tourist attraction in the entire New York state. The Allentown Art festival allures tourists to explore the beautiful work of the artists making it one of the respected places in the state of New York in terms of art and tradition.

Commerce - Buffalo also acts as a major port of the St. Lawrence Seaway. It acts as the terminus for the New York State Canal system and is considered to be a major rail centre in New York state. As mentioned earlier, the city controls the lion’s share of on-going trade between United States and Canada. The International Peace-Bridge to Ontario that leads out of the city serves as a pillar that preserves international relations between United States and Canada. The city comprises of the famous Niagara Falls on Niagara River that acts as an important tourist spot not only in New York State but for the entire world.

Education - The city is home to one of the oldest institutions of higher education in New York State. The University of Buffalo has received appreciation for rendering world class education and producing some of the greatest people in various fields such as academia, commerce, politics etc.

Though the city is considered to be culturally and traditionally rich, it is also known to be one of the best hubs for the provision of translation services in New York State. This is made possible through On Dot Translation, which is a New York based translation agency that thrives to provide accurate and authentic translation services to its clients drawn from within the city and even beyond. In order to expand their franchise, On Dot Translation had to establish their agency in Buffalo which as has already been mentioned, is a strategic point for commerce and trade as well as education and cultural exchange. Read more about our services below!

Our Buffalo translation services

The New York based translation agency that has been providing top-notch translation service to companies, the government and other agencies throughout the entire Buffalo area. They focus on efficiency, veracity and relevance in performing the projects that they undertake.

They also focus on submitting the projects on time, and are therefore your ideal translation services provider especially if you are on a time crunch. They thrive to maintain client satisfaction at all times. They have been working for the past few years and through their exemplary performance, they have been able to take this agency to an entirely new level. Here are some other services that are availed by this agency as part of their translation services.

Legal Translation - Translation of legal documents is one of the services offered by the agency. They believe in rendering timely and accurate services pertaining to all manner of legal translations, from court proceeding transcripts to disclaimer clauses and all sorts of legally binding contracts. They have a team comprising of expert legal translators who are skilled enough to deal with all sorts of legal translations. They also deal with certificates, contracts, wills, patents legal documents, and court documents as a part of the legal translation service.

Patent Translation - Patent translation helps in understanding the nature of a business and the purposes served by products and services associated with the business. Only an experienced translator can succeed in making proper patent translation as this requires following due procedure for receiving an approval from the court. Our professionally-trained patent translators who can understand the type of business that their client is involved with. They will issue solid and trustworthy advice on the methods required to make a valid patent for receiving a validation from the court.

Proofreading Services - In case you are questioning the originality and quality of your work and need to have a second opinion for the same, then contact us for immediate assistance for your work. The agency comprises of expert proofreaders who have mastered the skill of proofreading and will ensure they leave nothing to chance when it comes to revising grammar, coherence and originality issues with your work.

The agency comprises of dedicated translators who do not give up on the task until they successfully complete it. With an experienced team, the task becomes easier as it is properly divided among the experts. The agency also believes in timely delivery of work which makes them a conscious and sensible agency compared to all other translation agencies in New York.

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