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Albany may not be the biggest or the busiest city in the state of New York but it is the official capital of the state. It is located 12km to the north of New York City and serves as the headquarters of the Albany County. It is on the western bank of the Hudson River. As on 2010, the city had a population of 97,856 but this must have increased since. Albany is part of what is known as the Capital District of New York. This is made up of the NY Metropolitan Statistical Area where we provide translation services, the Albany-Schenectady-Troy and the Saratoga Springs. This metropolitan region is the 3rd most populous in the US and Albany is its core.

About Albany

You may be wondering why Albany is the capital of New York instead of the larger New York City. The first reason is its location. In fact, its location next to the Hudson River is considered to be the reason why it was inhabited and the city begun. This was way back in the early 1600s when Dutch colonialists inhabited the area and set up the Fort Nassau which was used for fur trading. This was encouraged by the fact that the transportation and shipping was easy. 

It was also easy to do business with the welcoming nature of the native Mohawk and Mahican people. Within no time settlers came in and made a village in the area. Later, in 1664, the English people took over the settlement and renamed the city from Beverwijck, used by the Dutch, to Albany named after the Duke of Albany.

Albany has the oldest continuing charter. This was issued in 1686 by the British. This was two years after New York’s charter was issued but the latter was later revoked leaving Albany’s as the holder of the oldest charter in the country. It is also one of the oldest colonial settlements that have survived to date.

The revolutionary war that freed America from colonial powers went on but the peaceful and clam Hudson River was free of war and the area remained relatively calm and people kept increasing in the area. By 1790, just a few years after the US gained independence; the population of the city had increased by 700% from the initial 500. This was due to immigrants moving in from the Connecticut and Vermont areas. Albany was made the permanent capital of the New York State in 1797.

Since the 18th century, Albany has come to be known as the center of transportation and trade. It had the oldest rail system in the world (the Albany Schenectady railroad) and had exports like lumber, beer, ironworks and published works. It was among the first cities in the world to have a sewer line, public water, infrastructure and other useful residential facilities.

Since then Albany has come a long way with many skyscrapers and other types of infrastructure. In the 20th century, developments
in the city were seen including the construction of tall buildings, the Albany International Airport and others. As more development took place, there was a relative population decline. The city’s population was just not growing as fast as it had before. This decline is attributed to suburbanization and urban sprawl.

In the 21st century, Albany keeps growing in its technological advances and other facilities. It is now a center of higher education,
healthcare and governance. The urban decline that was seen in the 20th century is now being reversed with developments in the city’s mid and down town areas.

The demographics of Albany are characterized by a mixture of different people. These include Dutch, Germans, Irish, Black Americans,
Italians, Poles and others. These populations all inhabited the area as immigrants from different parts of the world coming to do jobs and trade. Their descendants still live in this area and now the city is made up of a mixture of different people.

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