The 5 boroughs of New York city

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A borough is a town or district with an administrative unit. In the United States, it is simply a type of administration or a local government that has been set up below the State level. The term is used across various states in the USA for example in Alaska it has been used to describe a county-equivalent while in States such as Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennslyvania it has been used to describe a Municipality. In New York City and the State of Virginia, a borough has been used to describe a subdivision of a consolidated city that is corresponding to either a previous or present political subdivision.

1. Manhattan - New York County

2. Staten Island - Richmond County

3. Queens - Queens County

Located to the east of Long Island and covering a land area of around 284 square kilometers, it is the largest borough and has a population of about 2,358,582. The borough was named after the Portuguese Princess(Catherine of Braganza) who was the then Queen of England in 1683. It is the most diverse borough among the rest in terms of its ethnicity and has also been recognized as the most diverse urban area in the world ethnically. This diversity is also experienced in the different types of food served, their art as well as their music. It plays host to the U.S tennis open tournament. Additionally, it hosts one of the busiest airports in New York namely: Laguardia Airport and the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Accommodations here tend to be quite cheap

4. Bronx - Bronx County 

Named after Jonas Bronk this borough is located on the northern part of New York City and it is the only borough that is located on the mainland. The borough covers a land area of 42.4 square miles (109.8square kilometers) and a population of about 1,417,160 or thereabout. It plays host to Co-op City which is the largest Cooperatively owned housing complex in the USA. The borough experienced a steep decline in the 1960s due to major projects that went wrong such as the Bronx Expressway and this had a significant impact on the county such as lack of accessibility by public transit. The county has made significant strides to recover from the depression and is slowly developing. While there one can visit the famous Bronx Zoo, Woodlawn Cemetery as well as the New York Botanical garden.

5. Brooklyn - Kings County 

This borough is Located to the west side of the Long Island. It is also the most populated, with a population of about 2,648,771 covering a land mass of about 185 square kilometers. The borough got its name from Dutch settlers who decided to name it Breuckelen after a town in the Netherlands. In the past decade, the borough has grown into becoming a hotbed for technology start-up firms, post-modern art, and design as well as entrepreneurship. It has become a major tourist attraction center due to its unique parks (Prospect Park and the Marine Park), restaurants, markets, and also its inspiring music. Additionally, it is the home to Coney Islands which was established in 1870 and plays hosts to both the local and international tourists. The borough is connected to Manhattan by the Brooklyn Bridge.

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